New Age Financial Consulting specializes in various industries including:

Construction • Retail boutiques • Fitness Industry • Floral Design • Non-profit • Salons • Real Estate Investing • Professional Services (consulting, accounting, legal, etc…)


One of the most important aspects of hospitality accounting is to know your profit margins. With smaller margins than most industries, a few dollars goes a long way in the hospitality business. Cutting your Cost of Goods Sold from 27% to 26% percent, can mean big bucks.

The volume is high, the transactions are daily and cash flow is key. Implementing and adhering to a budget is helpful. Having accurate inventory numbers is helpful. Having a knowledgeable bookkeeper post accurate transactions is key.

Interior Design

Interior Design accounting is a unique. The industry is complex with money flying in the door for purchases, PO payments being sent out, client reimburseables getting charged on credit cards and deciding when an item goes from Work in Progress to your Income Statement. And that is just to name a few!

Here at New Age Financial we know the design business. We can help you track your financials correctly. Most designers would benefit from using Studio Webware which allows you to present information to clients neatly, while keeping the accounting accurate. Studio works by item. Yes, by item. Every single item that is sold to a client can be seen, literally by attaching a picture and simultaneously seeing the client and vendor payment.

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